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She completed her graduation degree in major to vocal performance degree.As soon as she completed her education, her professional life began by performing on many hip hop albums.

She made her official debut in I Am which was released on June 18, 2007, and the song “Your Joy” from the very album took proper feedback from the fans.In past one time it had observed that she is really happy with this man. From a period of time she is busy with Jason that shows that this relationship is over now.It was seen again in 2015 then it was reported from past years that this famous American R&B has been dating with Wale.He's not an actor or a singer -- it’s my driver! We get really bitter and angry and live in this cold moment where we don't let anybody in. CM: I stole Chuck Harmony from Ne-Yo, and we became good friends.The video is saying it's okay to date the guy you actually like, not the guy everyone else thinks is the right guy. He is a producer and we were able to sit in the studio day and night, laughing and talking together -- all day sometimes! I’m going to be flying a bunch of my friends around from city to city. We wrote my second single called, "Number One." It was really fun. CM: She is a choir director, and she went to school for music.

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