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The play bow generally means: “I want to play.” Contrary to popular belief, tail wagging can mean many things: A dog freezes if she is scared or guarding something, such as food or a toy, or feels cornered.

She may bite, so please slow down and pay attention to what she’s trying to convey.

To get a sense of what your dog is trying to tell you, spend as much time as you can observing your dog and his body posture.

Because each dog is an individual and will express fear, aggression, stress or joy slightly differently, there are no hard and fast rules for interpreting dog body language.

When we're in an intense state of mind or emotion, we become irrational about time. That's easier said than done: almost all of us are, at least to some extent, pent up. Run, punch pillows, go into the woods and scream, etc. You are not going to be able to move on until you fully express your current state, both mentally and physically.

Here are ten ways dogs make it easier to connect with a potential new (human) pal.

Tail wagging, for instance, can indicate several emotions.

The important thing is to look at the entire body of the dog.

People who love animals tend to bond easily even if they don't have a pet of their own.

If you do have one, it can provide plenty of ways to meet new friends.

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