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Firstly, the risk of a baby having HIV is only directly related to the HIV status of the mother, not the father. Answer: Web Admin Thanks for your question which is quite complicated to answer.These include the type of exposure you have, whether the other person is HIV positive, how high or low their viral load is, the duration and roughness of the sex etc.If the partner is HIV positive, then viral load is the most important factor.If the provider is unsure about whether or how to give PEP, he/she can call the free 24-hour National Clinicians' Consultation Center (NCCC) PEPline at 888-448-4911.Many emergency rooms and insurance plans will provide the ARVs for PEP.Exposed persons do not have to know the HIV status of the person with whom they had contact in order to be offered PEP--providers will evaluate the risk level of the exposure and, if possible, offer testing to the source individual.The exposed person should be tested for preexisting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases such as hepatitis B, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis, but the first dose of PEP should not be delayed in order to complete that testing.

grown up, because I had never even been tested for HIV at my yearly checkup at Planned Parenthood, where I went for primary care.Or you could think 1 in 100 is a low risk, and but catch HIV positive the first time that you have any exposure.This is difficult for me to write and maybe for you to read. The next worst will be the day we bury you from AIDS." Much has changed since then.Can you reduce your risk of getting HIV from sex--or from a needlestick--by taking medications afterward? To work best, these ARVs should be taken as soon as possible after the exposure, and ideally not later than 72 hours after the exposure.To be evaluated for postexposure prophylaxis, the exposed individual should contact his/her clinician or an emergency room promptly after the exposure.

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