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I think i'm serious and intelligent woman, which is dreaming about new life with real man.Many women, dear reader, are generic imitations rather than their own brand."Complaints Unresolved" tells how many complaints consumers have filed about the company on Scambook."Unresolved Reported Damages"shows how much money has been lost by all of users who filed complaints against the company.I say “vague” because I am a firm believer that if you can’t offer a simple explanation, you don’t really understand the topic.So after some thought and discussion with other like-minded gentlemen and ladies, I have reached that simple answer I was looking for. Most of these questions are based on a social bias or personal experience the person making the question has.

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Kris Humphries disliked Kim Kardashian’s materialism, extravagance, obsession with makeup, and other qualities that were simply part of who she was as a woman and as a brand.

Not understanding that those qualities were part of her brand and that whoever was going to be her life-partner needed to accept them rather than continuously neg them, she didn’t stand up for those aspects of herself and as a result ended up in an extremely unhappy, destructive, and unhealthy marriage.

This is the reason why so many have difficulty handling rejection emotionally, because they are unsure of themselves and who they are, and therefore will take rejection from someone else personally.

The woman who has made herself her own unique brand, however, and has the courage to stand by it, will not have to place so much importance into what another thinks of her – she will be more centered and sure of herself. It takes guts to stand for what you believe in, even if it’s not popular. However, because Coca-Cola developed itself into a centralized brand with clear distinctions that make it unmistakably what it is, virtually everyone knows what it is and is not, and it is the reason why it is currently a successful multi-billion dollar company.

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