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The REST APIs are for developers who want to integrate Confluence into their application and for administrators who want to script interactions with the Confluence server.Confluence's REST APIs provide access to resources (data entities) via URI paths.Before updating Firefox, try closing or disabling such programs; for example, Spybot Tea Timer and Logitech Quick Cam software have been known to interfere with Firefox updates.This document describes the REST API and resources provided by Confluence.Each remote instance record should have a unique URL.Creating duplicate records with the same URL can cause errors.In the unexpanded field, on the Functions list, click Help.

Appium enables i OS and Android automation using Selenium Web Driver.

URIs for the Confluence REST API resource have the following structure: For example: In order to minimise network traffic from the client perspective, our API uses a technique called expansion.

You can use the Creates a new piece of Content or publishes the draft if the content id is present.

Keeping system properties private prevents settings in one instance from overwriting values in another instance.

For example, you may not want a system property in a production instance to use a particular value from a development instance. Specify the URL of the remote instance using the appropriate transfer protocol.

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