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Gluck, who directs the Center, introduces the symposium and discusses the main themes addressed at the conference.Links to all posts in the symposium are at the bottom of this post, and you can also access a full list of symposium pieces here or by clicking on the “Yale Health Care Industry Symposium” tag at the bottom of any symposium post.This isn’t good for patients and their families, either for their pocketbooks or for the quality of care they receive.Moreover, what happens in health care markets matters for the success of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) specifically, and for all health reform generally.Ask yourself: After deciding to move forward with a solution to ease the pain, it’s time to find a partner, not a vendor. A partner will provide a solution, ensure it’s a good fit, help you through the implementation process, and provide post-implementation support.stemming from “The New Health Care Industry: Integration, Consolidation, Competition in the Wake of the Affordable Care Act,” a conference held recently at Yale Law School’s Solomon Center for Health Law and Policy.

Virtually all health care in the United States is delivered through markets, with a few small exceptions for specific groups, such as the Veterans Administration.My prior article covered the four key elements of achieving these Day One goals.In this article, we will focus on what starts to happen after Day One.The more specific you can be in pinpointing your pain points, the better your solution will be.Once you’ve identified the specific voids you need to fill, you can consider if the timing is right to implement a solution.

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