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The James Hartline Report - The Most Dangerous and Sinister Billionaire in America and The Greedy Pastors Who Have Taken 30 Pieces of Silver From Him To Betray Christ -- Donald Trump is Preparing To Taking The Stand in his Fraud Trial Where He is Being Sued For Bilking Thousands of Students Out of Millions of Dollars in His Now Shut Down Trump University.I have done more extensive investigative research on Donald Trump than anyone else that I know.Since getting his loan from the taxpayer-subsidized ACCION San Diego, "Toby" decided to get his business groove on by presenting this pornographic display in the 2009 San Diego Gay Pride Parade.In front of children and those ever-vigilant San Diego Police Officers note how the woman on the float on the far right is exposing her buttocks as she bumps and grinds for the kiddies, cops and city officials to admire.Students who have worked tirelessly throughout the year on various undergraduate research projects showcased their hard work and creativity at Penn State Brandywine's annual Exhibition of Undergraduate Research Enterprise and Creative Accomplishment (EURECA) event on Tuesday, April 19.

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The projects ranged in discipline from engineering and science to human development and family studies (HDFS) and literature.

Sophomores Latiful Hasan (engineering), Ashley Chan (interdisciplinary digital studio) and Douglas Hartline (chemistry), who is now at University Park, created a role-playing computer game called The Land of Wyberinnda (changing around the letters spells Brandywine) using Matlab's Graphical User Interface (GUI).

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