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goes on to allege that Lambert is now coming on to Dierks Bentley on her “Locked & Reloaded” tour.

A supposed concertgoer tells the tabloid, “Miranda seemed pretty close to Dierks…

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There are thousands of guys online all the time that are looking to connect with you for fun video chat.Bold360's modern, intuitive UI was specifically designed to make agents more efficient and effective.It’s entirely web-based for ease of use and universal access, and includes helpful shortcuts to help agents work faster.She forgets he’s a married man and thinks it’s perfectly OK to call or text anytime she wants.” Obviously, Cassidy Bentley, Dierks' wife since 2005 is not so pleased about this recent development: “This buzz that Dierks and Miranda are hooking up is very upsetting for his wife," says the source."Cassidy has been with him long enough to know what he’s like, but watching his behavior with Miranda lately has really caused tension in their relationship.” This report should be taken with a grain of salt, as it comes from the BS-laden pages of Star magazine, but it's worth noting that Shelton was married when he met Lambert and there have been dozens of rumors about Miranda cheating with married men over the years.Miranda Lambert has been serial dating since her divorce from Blake, and that’s not even counting the men that she was supposedly hooking up with when she was still married to Blake.

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