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A sergeant at a Cameron prison admitted to trying to have sex with at least a dozen co-workers.His usual come-on was “Let’s be lovers.” He told one woman under his direct supervision that he could make sure she had the correct answers to an interview test.

Another guard, in front of female co-workers, announced that his wife’s “pussy quivers during sex.” In some cases, according to records, supervisors have dangled promises of good evaluations and advancements in exchange for sexual favors.

In 1611 King James Version, the first English translation of the Christian bible Fornicated as an adjective is still used in botany, meaning "arched" or "bending over" (as in a leaf).

John Milton plays on the double meaning of the word in The Reason of Church-Government Urged against Prelaty (1642): "[She] gives up her body to a mercenary whordome under those fornicated [ar]ches which she cals Gods house." The Pauline epistles contain multiple condemnations of various forms of extramarital sex.

As a Driver, you are responsible for safely transporting staff and the children we serve to and from school, field trips and other locations.

Kinder Care Education employs more than 32,000 team members across 1,700 locations nationwide.

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