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3 in points in the NHL, boasting 25 goals and 28 assists) is revved up for NHL All-Star Weekend, which is scheduled for Saturday in Nashville, Tennessee. He is rugged but refined, handsome and well-inked (two sleeves and a tat on his ribs from when he won the Stanley Cup with the Boston Bruins).

His team, the Central Division, boasts the NHL’s three leaders in scoring: Seguin, of course, plus Chicago Blackhawks’ Patrick Kane and Dallas Stars’ Jamie Benn. Plus, he knows what works for him: cologne from Zara, because “everyone’s got their own scent and maybe it’s not the most expensive cologne but it’s something I’ve had for years.” Respect.

They say that it takes a special kind of woman/man to successfully maintain a relationship with a professional athlete. There is a HUGE difference b/w dating a mechanic vs. Even though we'd all love to imagine that regardless of our partner's career, we'd still love them & accept them as they are, the REALITY though is that alot of relationships suffer from lack of trust and/or lack of being on the same page as it is.

The thing is, dating a professional athlete takes more than just "loving" someone.

He guarantees: “I always get compliments from women on those when I’m out, and I feel like if I’m not in good shoes then girls are going to think I have a messy place as well. You can go anywhere from casual to a bit flashy, if you have a nice suit on.” Because women are attracted to taste, and who needs pick-up lines when you have accessories that can start a conversation?

That said, charisma earns the hat-trick—which is cool, because Seguin (and his smirk) have that in spades.

He is confident (or, when nervous, “overconfident at first” before he “settles in”) and prefers calling to texting, which is the definition of chivalry in 2016.

Many people cry foul over how hard dating has become thanks to apps such as Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, The Grade, The League, Happn, and so on.

I’ve often pondered the logistics of this question…

Is the basis of this question grounded in the physical appearance – like is that code for “would you date someone who does not have an athletic body?

Usually, I approve as long as the page doesn't look creepy and go about my business, but as I read the young lady's bio, I stopped.

It read: this school, that city, emoji, emoji, whoever's bestie, "future basketball wifey." When I read the last three words months ago, I couldn't help but wonder who in their right mind would purposely seek out this lifestyle and as I think about it now, I wonder the same thing.

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