Validating checkboxlist asp net c matthew goode dating sophie dymoke

This is working, my only concern is that I expected to find an easy google-paste piece of code for this and did not... As a secondary question I am attaching this to only one checkbox field, which I think is fine; but is there any unintended consequences of that (other than that any I'll answer your second question first!

The fact that one of your your checkboxes needs to be checked is a validation that is more about your class than one of your checkbox.

I mean, individually, a checkbox doesn't need to be checked, but your model requires one of them to be.

Which is why I would put the validation attribute on your class instead of on one of the checkbox.

I'm just a little hazy on what I should change to make it happen - I know I probably should be sending something to the function/method to tell it what checkbox list it's receiving but the (sender, args) that it passes automatically is confusing me as to how I should be passing the data. So we need a custom implementation to pass the controlid to the javascript function to make it generic.

Basically I want to validate both check box lists with one method and one function. One suggestion is to add the checkboxlist control id to your customvalidator id and then retrieve the value in javascript function.

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